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It all starts with tech

Technology is constantly changing, as we discover ever more efficient solutions to drive businesses forward and connect people across the world. As the backbone of literally every industry, tech requires agile assessments to keep professionals certified on the latest developments and capabilities.

That’s why the industry leaders — Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, VMware, and countless others — have chosen computer-based testing with Pearson VUE to deliver their high-stakes certification exams. Our leading testing technologies and extensive test delivery network — including secure online proctoring — allow us to match pace with the industry to test their professionals on the latest advances.

Pioneers of online proctoring

It’s no surprise that tech organizations have pioneered the use of online-proctored testing. Online proctoring introduces a new level of convenience to modern professionals who wish to pursue their certification exams anytime, anywhere, and the technology industry championed this change.

With OnVUE, our online testing platform, your program will benefit from the combination of artificial intelligence and live monitoring. We’ve got the enhanced security features you need: face-matching technology, ID verification, session monitoring, browser lockdown, recordings, and more. Learn more about OnVUE.

Progress you can count on

Your program is already leading the way, rapidly uncovering new technologies for our changing world. We’re here to help you build momentum. With mindhub™, you can showcase your official learning products on a custom branded storefront to help your candidates prepare smartly for their exams — and grow your revenue.

Why people pursue tech certifications

We provide you with valuable insights into candidates’ perspectives with our regular Value of IT Certification study. In surveying thousands of people around the globe, we help you hone your vision with a first-hand look at candidates’ behaviors and interests in technology trends.

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