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At different points in our lives, we’ve all put our trust in medical professionals to help us through a health event. While these times can be scary, it all comes down to trust: trusting that the nurse or doctor helping you has the up-to-date and industry-recognized licenses and certifications to operate safely and guide you on your path.

These major licenses and certifications uphold the standards of safe practice, proving that health care workers have the knowledge and ability to provide safe and effective treatment. We’re proud to be part of that process. Over the past few decades, we’ve worked with more than 120 health care and wellness exam programs worldwide to deliver their exams securely.

Your program. Our expertise.

Whether you’re an established health care credentialing board or an up-and-coming wellness program, we’ve got you covered. With decades of experience launching and delivering exams in the medical industry — from National Council of State Boards of Nursing and Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and American Medical Technologists — we understand the important exam development and security needs of health care programs.

An exam you can rely on

The medical world is complex, which is why those professions require exams that properly measure a wide range of knowledge and skills. With computer-based testing, medical and wellness exam programs can leverage diverse item types, like animated scenarios, situational judgment, and observational testing to measure real-world skills.

With Pearson VUE, your health care credentialing program not only benefits from our expert psychometric services to develop a precise and reliable exam, but you also benefit from our highly secure test delivery protocols to protect your meaningful exam content. When the community puts its trust in your credential, you must be able to trust that the organization you partner with can deliver your exam securely and with care.

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