Amplify the power of your credential program

Connect candidates with workforce opportunities

In 2022, Pearson invested in the workforce skills sector by acquiring Credly, the market leader in digital credentialing. Credly’s vision helps achieve a complete candidate journey by proving proficiency after learning and assessment.

Empower your candidates with recognition that matters

Credly, the industry-leader in digital credentials, fully digitizes your program with digital credentials that allow candidates to broadcast their achievements across the web. Recognize your candidates’ achievements in a way that motivates skill progression and helps them connect with peers and colleagues across the globe to pursue new opportunities.

Increase your brand reach across the world

Candidates can use a variety of sharing options to promote their achievement on social media, on blockchain, and around the web. When they share their digital credentials, they’re proudly advocating for your credential program, helping you to reach new audiences and expanding your brand reach.

Give candidates the power of labor market insights

Armed with a Credly digital credential, candidates can explore real-time labor market data related to the specific skills and knowledge areas that your assessment verified. With Credly, you connect them with actionable industry data and open job opportunities in their global region so they can leverage their new credential into their next career move.

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